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"And we realized that our best friends are on the way to hell!"

Currently: - "And we realized that our best friends are on the way to hell!"


I am "born" in 1960 and never had anything to do with the faith.
Through acquaintances, I was in a "very different church" invited near Dresden. The sermons in the first time talked to me a lot, because they were encouraging and meaningful to me and then I converted myself there a little later. After about 3 years I put first things in the community found that I could not understand, and also noted that was warned by other Christians our community. You can guess where I "landed" was, in word and spirit. First, I had, as my husband of something later repented, even quite changed for the better, but as of 2008, much has changed radically (or was partly obvious) I slipped deeper and deeper into this seduction. At the time I was six years there and was taken over by these forces more and more, which were then called in W and G as "anointing." In the beginning was hardly talked about these powers, but no later than the first "revival meeting" in 2008 in Nuremberg, you felt totally inferior if you do not always felt these things. So I tried with all my might to experience these things and more, and gave me all this as meditation and "drinking" units in Nuremberg until I actually felt an unbelievable strength in me work in the fall of 2008, some I had to cry because it was almost painful - so strong. I really thought, incredibly, to the end, "this is God", simply because the force became even more and more, and then I was thus able for the first time left my body on New Year's Eve 2008 and have been traveling in the Spirit "in the sky" and others could attend in spirit. I was down in 2010 again to "Summer Bible School" to Freyung, which is a one-week intensive course where you can hear almost around the clock from morning 10 to night by 23 clock this message and you this . forces surrender MIDDLE in this event, I suddenly heard someone (I think today it was Jesus) said to me: "I'll give you double grace, I'll leave you now know the truth," and suddenly I took everything as true, as it really was. I was totally shocked that you can not put into words! There is so like Michael Trenkel wrote it in his second newsletter: you are experiencing apparently "gorgeous" states and suddenly it fizzles out, like a mirage. Suddenly I saw the whole lie, uncleanness, and all the seduction - terrible! I was there with my girlfriend and she experienced in Freyung THANK GOD! at the same moment the same! We both ran out and then spent the remaining three days only, as we were walking. We were so shocked! And we realized that our best friends on the way to hell are! We do not know what we should do and prayed that God would forgive us and that he wants to show us a way. In prayer then heard my friend (please do not think we're crazy, but it was so): "Read the letters from Michael Trenkel and take contact with him!" It must be said that Michael, since he got out at W + G is of the conductors is made ​​there and attacked totally bad, consciously much wrong was spread over the end of his first marriage, and we would have probably never visited by us from this contact. My friend had a laptop with you and we invited ourselves already in our district its opinion and the first newsletter. When we read this, we both burst into tears, because in our hearts we suddenly realized that everything was there, was true. When I got home, I wrote to Michael and he called me actually phone back. then he took me, my girlfriend and my husband through the worst time of my life, because the spirit powers that I had invited me, of course, did not just release. Many nights I have not slept, because these forces me constantly "power surges" staggered so that my arms and legs twitched constantly. My husband had to go to another room to sleep because he could not sleep through my manifestations. If you have not slept for two weeks, then you think you're going crazy. Then I often thought about killing myself, but at the last moment've always called Michael and he has these powers can always be brought to rest with Jesus' authority until they had left me forever. (My husband had fortunately never gave these things so was very skeptical at the end and was never going to the weekly Bible schools. since I left at W + G, I am sometimes a little lonely, as it here in the environment no living community are, and I do not go from bad to worse as well. actually my aim here is again very good, I spend a lot of time just stop with Jesus and sermon CDs or MP3s. spite of the sometimes loneliness I feel now emerging in this new year really born as new and can look hopefully into the future. *** ) I do not know how Michael can do that, with all the hostility, to the most private, you can ask virtually around the clock to help him yet I personally know some people could now save him from Jesus through this extreme seduction. Orginal with background -> All newspapers in the picture I would not buy! bible diary 

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