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I'm disappointed every day!

Disappointed? ~ I'm disappointed every day!

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I'm disappointed every day!
when I preach, for example in the community. After that hardly anyone has heard me. Leutz come to me and say that they expected something else. every day I'm disappointed! I visit a town, or want to visit. I call sister community, because for me Jesus Christ has only one community, so are all brothers and sisters. I will note that one could misunderstand this. How wrong? Now, communities are unincorporated associations. If we call now so sister community, then asks the Treasury for example: where the income of the sister congregation (as a legal entity under public law are)! Also to understand. But I was disappointed this! I'm disappointed every day! sing you songs in public from copied notes, then that someone wants to know. Yes, exactly. Copyright! Do you have the song book, it is in order! And then there are people who carry their songs in there, so they can get money when it is sung by the sheet! where we live? Now, how not to live under the rule of God! We need to organize ourselves. Democracy seems the best way for us to be human beings, not the best! but where is our heart? In the world of human order, (under which even God himself prepared in accordance with

- Romans 13 (Luther 1912) - /
1 Let every soul be in subjection to the authority having control over him. For there is no authority except from God, but where authority is that be are ordained of God).
Now I'm not disappointed. And yet disappointed. How so?
Well, the kingdom of God is here. I may, in the kingdom of God rule live!
Do not take money for my songs, must preach and learn that I'm not Jesus Like, and yet retest it again and again, and love the church as His church as a sister church!

Disappointed? Well, that's Jesus even if He does not see more Disappointed that are not disappointed!
Because they see something as Jesus sees it!

I'm not afraid
Demetri Betts
23.06.2013 58:41 
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