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Anesthesia / anesthetized ~ salvation just a feeling?

Anesthesia / anesthetized ~ salvation just a feeling?
# The world we know , Terrestrial , has with hers has no access to the actual , the real world !
We have the same terms . But the content is not there. that
is hard to admit , because the terms with human content
are filled.
# Moreover . Who wants to prove that there is another ,
are " real " world? Just because we necessarily something so wish ,
it does not indicate this .
Our world Illusionieren as in Buddhism does nothing. We feel have
Suffering , ect. It is real , at least for ourselves!
# The seriousness with which one attends his own life.
A small " Bauchpinselung " and you sell your life
for a mess of pottage !
# What is the goal ?
It apparently does not seem possible to those moments or high hold times , where
one has touched the lives of even real!
It is easier to use anything else that might produce similar, but is
but then disappointed again and again ! (Drugs, alternative materials)
An 8 year old girl has a stage curtain for Pupentheater play hung on the door to audition something the next day. On the clock is 15:30 clock ! Although parents find it important that the child gets along with other children , and meetings provide the child vegisst not his plan. And when it undergoes the time , it wants to go home , from the most beautiful play with other children , away to just audition parents something .
In the world of the child , this is very important! How important is the parents , the child's world ?
# events
~ Who's going somewhere , because something is organized , is often in search of contact ! At least his solitude drives him ! ~ Why do they go to church ?
Is it their home , they want to convey to others a short home?
And they are forgetting that God ( so they have it gelaubt at least so far ) wants to convey a real home by Jesus and they still
are even on the way there ?
And why do they give themselves over satisfied with the story ? And tell yourself and others
The misery of our existence lies in the grace of God ! The glory too!
But now hatt us anything anesthetized , so that redemption only
a sense , is a worship, a Bible reading , a little spiritual, a statement
a good sermon , a great preacher , a good meal, a me gefallendes life.

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