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........ We are gifted sinner ! ...... The new gospel ...

. A statement that many all too quickly like signing
.'s admit one's own inadequacy, the new gospel Christians put the liberation of sins and the sins through Jesus different  from. Worse is so said: "We are gifted sinner ! " Should read: "Redeemed we are only when we are death and in eternity!" Why this is absolutely wrong? Because the word  we are! God is degraded to NuRTröster that gives many gifts to you spiritually, so you can now feel spiritually, some hyper Charis- cian it will sometimes be met with Jesus sandals, See Christian metallic books market. Whereas in Islam Jesus not for the sins of the people died, and not if the sin that carried, among Christians a salvation theory is instead of Christ came himself. One would like to express his humility and thus shows the arrogance ala: "No one is as humble as I am!" Or should it really be people who do not want to make whole thing with Christ and therefore use this excuse. "But far be it!" :)

But stop! Such preachers we've had enough

, what is the right thing?

The relationship between law and gospel summarizes Barth, together with the formula: "the law is nothing more than the required form of the Gospel, whose content is grace" . That means in detail: grace: God speaks to us the word of God in its unity of law and gospel is grace, that is "free, unmerited and undeserved divine mercy and condescension ... That God speaks to us, which is already under all circumstances to to grace. " Here, the grace "also court, death, and hell mean." Jesus Christ is grace Jesus Christ is the human gift of grace alone: ​ ​"And that's God's grace that we, as the end of all human life, unless it is ours, probably see nothing before us as the old age, the hospital, the battlefield, the cemetery, the decay or the ash - if it but also the humanity of Jesus Christ is just as determined, no much more certain, nothing but resurrection and eternal life. " And the law can not be separated from the gospel, just as Jesus Christ has kept the commandments, fulfilled the law. mercy is to act impetus Grace is always "kick" to act: "You shall - more precisely, you will - be completely , as your heavenly Father is perfect " (Matthew 5:48). "You will be!" instead of "Thou shalt!" In victory of the gospel and the law will be restored "from the demand: Thou shalt to the promise: You'll be out of the claim upon our accomplishment to claim on our trust then talk!. , the law does not more than an instrument of deception of sin and as an organ of the wrath of God, but in his actual original meaning as a witness, as a revelation of the one who wants nothing from us all things well and than we believe: it is all well . making " from literature Karl Barth, Gospel and Law (1935), now in: justification and law. Christian community and civic community. Gospel and Law, Zurich 1998

Christian: I believe in God!  Atheist: But you do live as if he does not exist!

Back to the pardoned sinner. Here it is said: " And as long as I live on this earth (my feet have contact with the ground, I'll always sinful) " Christians are Christians. And there are always! But are the Biblical theology (or better: Anthropology ) from this statement about people who are united by Christ in Christ with the Father ?

 Pseudo-news writer

Nowadays, there are many pseudo-news writers, particularly in developing countries. These are the ones pretending to be reporters, but usually extort money from their victims by threatening to reveal something that their victims have done. Pseudo means that it looks real, but still not the real thing. 

A heretic is someone who condemns himself as a sinner. Therefore, those who believe in Jesus and still have sin in their hearts heretic before God.

"What does that have to do with the topic now?"
Well, we would not have to deny that all men are sinners (Romans 3:23), would then be redeemed probably true!
"Now I can not follow you. "
I think the solution lies in the peoplenot recognized as a sinner. And 
otherwise not be found as redeemed were. 

To call himself a sinner before God, or gifted sinners, means admitting that you are not a son of God. Those who pray to Jesus, "Lord, I am a sinner!" Need to rethink their own beliefs. But the sons of God they are not! But were found in Romans 3:23: " For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Rom. 3 , 23 , NIV) "

You never erlangst! You will never have a child of God. How are you going to do for you? What?

It is only through God's grace! In the bottom sticking in it and swallowed, the message of the saving God may comfort, something that people have to believe. One is saved but only if one is from the bottom out, washed, New!

Many people experience the nearness of God. Believe that Jesus is the Eretter!
Anyone who believes in Jesus but is not born again ( from the low marsh, washed, New! ) is a heretic because he still has sin in his heart.

All this builds the longing-laden people to pressure. Eg like this:
# They say the man, or themselves, that they should cleanse their sins daily.
# Or: you should take care of themselves to your own sins
# It demands more of himself or others: be thou in thy dormers!

But again to you and me! 

The solution to the dilemma of our state is still not clear! Maybe this will help the following story:

" We have won

A man loved to read mystery novels, even those 500-700 pages. He started each of the first 50 pages while getting to the main characters and the nature of the offense know. But then curiosity overcame him and he wanted to know who was the killer or abuser. So he hit on the last pages of the book and found out the answer. Then he could read from page 50 again.
One day, the man opted for a life with Jesus. He slept with a Bible and started reading the Old Testament. He studied the book of Genesis, the second, the third. He understood that there are two groups were described. On the one God with his angels and the people who lined up after him. On the other hand, the devil, also called Satan (a fallen angel with the angels who followed him) and the people who had decided against God. Then he wanted to know what would emerge as the winner at the end of the two camps. So he suggested to the closing of the Bible and skimmed the last chapter of Revelation. Here is the report on the glorious heavenly city of gold and precious gems. In this new city of God and the sacrificial lamb would (Jesus Christ), who had paid on the cross for the sins of the believers to live his life. With them to eternity would spend those which are registered in the book of life of the Lamb ( Revelation chapter 21 and 22 ). Since cheered the man: "Hallelujah, we won!" "

Have courage, your faith from Him (Christ) to receive it will be different than you would otherwise want to make faith! 
So faith comes from hearing , and hearing but by the word of Christ. Romans 10, verse 17

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