Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

free will - your illusion

To grace there is no bridge or; The scalded skin already started to become widespread replace

It may still be evident that the man for the freedom to love God, who could have used freedom of not loving God.But he would have needed the freedom to torture and murder?         Z for grace there is no bridge
, we arrive at a point which is amazing. children are aborted and fight back in the womb it. murder people hate, people starve.  want the that all?  Is not God Almighty. I prefer writer Ewigseiender ? Takes the ER approvinglybecause it is the so-called free will clause has signed? And He did not know it before? And knows HE is not the morning already and the end of the world? Do you really think that this is the love of God, which allows the child to his hand to place it on the hot stove, so he can learn this? And may your thinking not handle it that God knows everything before, but not you 're Predestined for heaven or hell?


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